Lehigh Valley (PA) Interest Group

An interest group in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown/Kutztown/Reading) area is forming to explore the establishment of an Old Calendar Genuine Orthodox mission in the area.  If you are interested in joining this missionary effort or just in learning more, please contact Michael at 570-218-9704 or by email at GOXPa@avlonasynodusa.com

Bishop Irineos can also be reached at 512-782-9940.

Note: Interest groups have no official affiliation or recognition by the Avlona Synod USA.  They are listed on this page in order to facilitate the gathering of a core group to apply for mission status.  No group should be considered a part of the Avlona Synod USA unless it is designated as a mission, church or parish. No meeting of any such group is authorized by Avlona Synod USA unless it is listed on this page.

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