Starting a Mission

One of the most frequent questions we receive is about the process to found a True Orthodox mission in your community.

Perhaps you are already a True Orthodox faithful, but like many are isolated with no parishes near you.  Perhaps you belong to one of the world orthodox (SCOBA) jurisdictions, but are concerned over creeping ecumenism or other departures from the Orthodox faith of your forerunners.  Perhaps you are a Christian, and simply looking for a home in the Church that has preserved the faith and practice of the earliest followers of Christ. Prayerfully discern if you are being called to found a mission!

There are two different approaches that you could proceed within our jurisdiction.

Start a Mission – If you are called to found and lead a new mission, upon approval of the Metropolitan, you can found a mission with lay leadership and conduct reader’s services, which follow the Typica, but do not include the portions of the liturgy which require a priest.  You can do this as an individual or as part of a small group that shares your interest.  As your mission grows, there may be members who discern a vocation to Holy Orders.  Or, when the mission is able to support a priest, we will work to assign a priest to serve the mission.

Be a Local Contact – Not everyone has the means or calling to lead a mission.  In that instance, we still urge you to contact us.  By joining with our jurisdiction, we will endeavor to support you spiritually and help you, even in isolation, grow in the True Faith.  As we learn of others in your area who are also seeking the original Church of Christ, we will try to bring you together as a group in hopes that as a group you can plant a mission.

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Note: The North American Mission does not have the capacity to serve Western Rite missions.

Note: Any person seeking to oversee a mission or enter the clergy is required to undergo a Criminal Background Check.

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